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    In late 2017, I realized that my status in Canada was at risk. As an international student from Nigeria, I relied almost entirely on my family's support to continue my education abroad and feared the inevitability of my parents discovering my homosexuality. Due to my uncertain status in Canada, my partner and I sought the help of Mr. Coulthart for his expert counsel on refugee claims in Canada.

    It was an extremely anxious and frightening period for me, but Mr. Coulthart made the journey to my hearing a smooth one. From the beginning, Mr. Coulthart was confident in my case and regularly provided me with steadfast reassurance. Mr. Coulthart worked diligently with us consistently over the course of about a year to ensure a successful case. He often worked long hours with us whenever it was required and his scrupulous attention to detail oftentimes made this necessary to build a strong case. Mr. Coulthart not only provided his legal advice with a clear high level of experience in the field of immigration law, but he was also very interested in our suggestions in case they proved helpful to the case. Mr. Coulthart also importantly showed a genuine interest and care in my case, which gave me the confidence to proceed when otherwise I could not.

    My case was heard in 2018 and was accepted after about half an hour of discussion. I have never had to look back on living in fear of leaving Canada since then. It is clear to me that the ease of this decision was informed by the comprehensive evidence submitted by Mr. Coulthart and his brilliant work on my case. The dedication and results that Mr. Coulthart provided easily make him the best immigration counsel I could recommend to those in need.

    Joe , Ontario, Canada May 14, 2020
  • testimonials

    A few years ago I offered Hugh a testimonial because of the exceptional work he had done for my wife and me. Recently with a new website coming I offered again and this time he accepted. I had two reasons for wanting to write something. Firstly, after the effort and passion he’d shown us as we worked toward getting my wife her Permanent Residence in Canada (now achieved) I wanted to somehow say thank you. The other reason was that I wanted others to know of the dedication and genuine concern Hugh has for clients.

    Assuming those two reasons aren’t enough for someone considering Hugh’s services, think about the hiring of an immigration agent in another light: Do you want the 200 odd pages of forms to fill out yourself, without the historical knowledge and experience a legitimate agent has accumulated? I’ve owned business in four countries and to be sure this process would have driven me to fury and frustration beyond what the challenges of a beer distributorship and BBQ importing company presented me while in Asia. As it was, it still was work, but Hugh was there to support, explain and steer us through what has to be described as one of the Canadian government’s most convoluted and idiotic processes.

    Don’t trust testimonials? Call Adam Bronson 506 397 2828 and I’ll spend some time with you to explain that indeed going it alone is impossible, and going with the wrong Immigration Agent is just a waste of money and time. My Filipino wife and I are together in Canada despite the mistake of getting married in the Philippines only because Hugh knows his stuff, and he gives a damn. Thank you Hugh!