Immigration Canada PRS represents foreign nationals within Canada who are seeking protected person status in Canada on the basis of the persecution or cruel and unusual punishment or treatment to which they would be exposed if returned to their homeland. In recent years, we have represented refugees whose claims are based on persecution because of political activity or opinion, sexual orientation and gender.

We are experienced and prepared to represent and assist refugee claimants through the three stages of the processing of refugee claims:

  • Initiating a Claim for Refugee Protection – preparation of initial refugee claims and documents – accompanying and representing claimants at their initial interview
  • Preparation of Submission to the Refugee Protection Division (RPD) of the Immigration and Refugee Board (IRB) – preparation and submission of all materials for consideration by the RPD in advance of the scheduled hearing – to be submitted to the RPD at least ten days before the hearing including: the claimant’s Affidavit, supporting documentation, legal precedents, country-of-origin reports
  • RPD Hearing - representation of the claimants at their RPD hearing

For refugee claimants whose claim has been refused by the RPD, Immigration Canada PRS will advise them as to their grounds for an appeal to the Refugee Appeal Division (RAD) of he IRB, and are prepared to assist and represent them in the preparation and submission of their appeal to the RAD, and to represent them at a hearing of the RAD, as required.

Immigration Canada PRS has enjoyed a high success rate with the claims of their refugee clients, for the reason that we accept only clients with legitimate claims.

Immigration Canada PRS provides a broad range of Canadian Immigration Services to clients in Toronto, across Canada, and USA, India, Brazil, Mexico, Iran, Egypt, UAE, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Philippines, Hong Kong and China.

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